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Owner & Sole Operator

 I am an energy worker, intuitive empath, conscious channeler. I translate energy and assist people in stepping into their divine being. Owning their truest, highest selves. 

There just isn't ONE word that describes it.

I've always known there was more to this life than what we can see with our human eyes. I could feel something deeper, for as long as I can remember. I just never knew what it was. The universe has been knocking on my door since I was a young girl. I could sense things that others couldn't, I could literally feel other's emotions and would often take them on as my own. For a long time, I believed I was those emotions. Angry, frustrated and anxious. In reality, I was just disconnected from source, from my true self. 

A few years ago, through conversations with a family member, I started to realize my potential. I realized that not everyone is open to their gifts and that it was important for me to do the deep healing work to tap fully into my abilities. My biggest ah-ha moment was when I was having a reading done by a friend and she motioned to my birth chart and exclaimed almost back handedly that I was an extrovert. I didn't hear anything else she said because I was in shock. I was introverted! She must be wrong, but I knew better. My world shattered in such an amazing way. Every belief I had centered on the fact that I was shy, introverted. I had to re-examine my whole existence as I realized I have always been extroverted. It was the first of many discoveries about myself. 

Another thing I grew to learn about myself was that I have a deep connection to source. I've been tuning in my whole life, but the last year I have spent time and money on myself to dive deep and make that connection stronger, something I will always work on. 


On November 1, 2020, I made a decision to take a huge leap. I began this business known as Evolved Wisdom Healing. I didn't have a set in stone plan, just an idea and a mentor to help me with the things I didn't know and support me along the way. Every day since has been a journey of business discovery, as I am constantly developing my abilities and the offerings for my clients. 


This journey, not unlike my healing, is not linear. It is ever changing, and ever growing. I cannot wait to see what I accomplish, and I am so excited that you all are apart of this journey with me. 

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