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A program for those who wish to connect with their intuition, and learn to TRUST it

Discover Your Intuition was tailored based on a need I noticed while facilitating 1:1 client sessions. Many clients shared with me that they not only didn't know how to tell when their intuition was trying to come through, but if they did think they heard it, they didn't trust it. 

I knew then that there was a need for a course that was interactive, that allowed for discussion, that went through all of the questions each participant had about their intuition, their connection to source. 

Sitting on Rock

This is for you if:

  • You are an empath​ (you can feel other's emotions)

  • You've always felt like there was more to life than what is happening in front of you. You feel a deep connection to spiritual discussions, even if some of it feels foreign.

  • You are able to see the story under the story. You find yourself saying "I can always tell if someone is lying to me.

  • You know that you have a strong intuition, but you get confused between when your intuition is speaking to you and when it's just your voice you hear. 

  • You struggle making big decisions (or maybe even small ones too) because you are unable to discern what you truly want.

  • You want tools to connect to your intuition, but don't know where to start, or if it will work as well for you as others

  • You wish you had a community of like-minded women to go to when you had questions or need clarity on something

Rock Balancing

What is included and what will i learn?

  • The basics of energy and how it works in our world and how this applies to your own intuition.

  • All about the Ego and it's role in your life.

  • Ego vs Soul. How to tell the difference between the two and how they help/hinder your intuition

  • All about energetic blocks/limiting beliefs

  • How to strengthen your connection with Source and develop a relationship with your Spirit Guides/Team

  • How to connect to Source and channel messages for yourself or others, with lots of opportunities to practice in a safe setting, surrounded and supported by women.

  • Sessions offered once monthly, facilitated virtually over zoom. Each session is 2 hours long

  • My support in between sessions. I will be available through text or email for any questions you have while you are doing the work

  • Each session is recorded and you will be provided the recording to re-watch in between sessions if you so choose to. I will also provide an email summary as well as homework for the next month.

Your investment


Payment Plans Available:

Please contact for info

Session dates

Begins August 15/2021

9:30 - 11:30 am

Other dates:

August 29

September 12

September 29


Mandala flower

If you are ready to change your life, click the button below to register for Discover Your Intuition! 

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