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Intuitive Journaling - Message from July 12 2020

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Have you tried this yet? Intuitive journaling (connected journaling, channeled journaling, meditative journaling, automatic writing - it's all the same) is where you intentionally connect to source and then just begin writing. Whatever comes through, you write down, knowing that this is a message meant to be brought through. Whether that be for you, someone around you, or the collective! You may not know right away, but if it doesn't totally resonate with you, come back to it later. You may be surprised at your ability to channel a message meant for you in the now and in the future.

Anyways, on July 12 2020, I wrote the following excerpt. My guides have been nudging at me the last couple of days to get it out there for others to read as well.

July 12, 2020

Message for the women of the world. Those that struggle with their identities, self worth and feelings of helplessness.

You, dear friends, are so strong. We are given the strength of our ancestors, in a world wishing to break the chains that have bound us to our cages of sacrifice, unhappiness, oppression. Breathe with me a collective sigh of relief as we watch these systems crumble before us. From the ashes, we will build a new system on the backs of all women, together. As a community of builders, we will hold space for our men and build a beautiful new life of freedom, humanity and collective one-ness.

It isn't long, but it speaks volumes in just a few sentences. We are being called to unite the world. This doesn't happen overnight, and we have made such massive movements since July last year. More and more people are awakening and realizing how important this is for the world, for the collective. It's time to look past the divide, and begin the process of unification. Lift each other up, fix crowns, hold space, do whatever comes naturally to assist your fellow neighbour in achieving their purpose.

** I use the term women a lot, but the universe knows no genders. If you feel in your soul that you are here to do this work of unifying the collective (energy worker, lightworker, healer, coach, psychic, medium, human being just doing the work of looking inward, etc...) then you ARE. No ifs, ands or butts. Thank you for showing up as your highest self!

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