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Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection to them, without ever having met them before in your life? Maybe you felt that way with people you are related to, your spouse/partner and even your children. This can show up as a feeling like - wow, I am really being tested by this person or maybe the connection is just so easy that you know you must have spent many lifetimes together. 


In this session, I will connect to your energy and that of the person you are looking for guidance or clarity on. You can use this session to understand your children on a deeper Soul level, how best to connect with them, what they need from you, how you can assist them on their own journey and why they CHOSE you to be their parent in this lifetime. You may also use this session to connect to your partner on a Soul level. Learn about their life purpose and how best you can support them, how they deal with conflict and what they need from you energetically - any question you have about your relationship with your partner can be answered in this time. 


*Please choose in the drop down box which relationship you are seeking guidance on. Only one can be chosen per reading (children up to a max of 4 per one reading.) Please provide the names of your children/spouse in the Notes section. This is all I need to connect to their energy. If you would like a more detailed relationship deep dive - please consider booking a 60 or 90 min Zoom session which can be booked at


With every session with me, you can expect to feel light and refreshed - likely for a few days afterwards. During this reading, on the surface you will hear and understand what is coming through, but in the background our guides are working together to clear any energy blocks that may be standing in your way from absorbing the information coming through. This provides you with the most perfect container to comprehend the guidance coming through. 

Deepen your Relationships

  • Please note that this is a digital product - your personalized video message will be delivered to the email you provide at checkout within one week of payment received. If you place your order on a weekend, please note I may require additonal time to get your reading to you. I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

    If you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email: OR text 403-336-1815

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