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During this intuitive reading, I will tap into your energy and connect with your Spirit Team, but more specifically - the guides who have been with you every step of this journey. The Souls you chose before incarnation to assist you in fulfilling your life purpose & stepping into your highest self. 


Your Spirit Guides are so much more than just your guides. They are an aspect of you - chosen by YOU before you even decided to come down to this crazy planet. They can be familiar to you in lifetime or from a previous lifetime. They are Souls that your Highest Self chose specifically to support you in every decision you make in this time. They are ALWAYS reaching out to you. Always gently guiding you in the direction they know you want to go in. Sometimes we need a little extra nudge, humans can be stubborn. 


In this session, I will connect to your Spirit Guides and ask them just how exactly you can connect to them. How you can feel their presence, how they show up for you and how you can easily reach out to them anytime.  I will provide any insight that they give me to share with you, and give you as much details as I can about them. Sometimes our guides like to be thought of as just a feeling. Other times, they are more than happy to share their distinct features - even down to a name. Whatever they decide to share with me, I will pass along in this reading. 


With every session with me, you can expect to feel light and refreshed - likely for a few days afterwards. During this reading, on the surface you will hear and understand what is coming through, but in the background our guides are working together to clear any energy blocks that may be standing in your way from absorbing the information coming through. This provides you with the most perfect container to comprehend the guidance coming through. 

Meet Your Spirit Guides

  • Please note that this is a digital product - your personalized video message will be delivered to the email you provide at checkout within one week of payment received. If you place your order on a weekend, please note I may require additonal time to get your reading to you. I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

    If you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email: OR text 403-336-1815

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