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Image by Maria Lupan


I am so honored and grateful you are here. I would love to assist you on your spiritual discovery journey. We are all unique and on Earth for our own life's purpose. Mine is to assist humanity to find their passion, and bring out that fire that is your inherent right.


Hi, I am Kaicee! I began this journey in 2020. I felt a calling to support the people around me who were struggling. I knew what it was like to feel alone, unsure of my next steps, and to question my intuition.

Since starting on this new adventure, I have helped many clients dive deep and find the answers they have been waiting their whole lives to uncover.

Hint - the answers are inside you.

I will support you in however that looks for you. Whether it is a quick one hour intuitive session, or we build a relationship through coaching - I will hold space for you to dig deep inside and heal.

I am so grateful you are here, and I look forward to providing you with clarity and assistance.



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