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Constant change is the new normal

How fixated are you on a routine?

How obsessed are you with your schedule, your daily to do list? Is it the same thing every day? What happens in your body if you go off script - even for a moment?

For me - I thrive on routines. To do lists. Being able to predict what my week and/or month looks like gives me great joy.

Or does it?

When I sit with it and get really honest with myself, am I actually thriving? Or am I surviving?

Can we actually call it living if we know what each moment of our lives looks like?

I'd say, no. We can't.

Sure, you're probably saying - "but Kaicee, I will not survive if I DON'T have my routine. I'll be so thrown off if one little thing changes in my day."

And I'd say to that:

Yeah, I feel that way too some times. But all of those things we want, all of our desires for more, for different, they can't exist in this life of constant. This life of unordinary. It exists in magic, in the completely unexpected. How can we ask for new and different to come into our world when we refuse to allow even ONE MOMENT of different in our day?

Last night, my son asked to do crafts 20 minutes before we had to leave to pick up his sisters from dance. Every bone in my body said no. We don't have time. I won't get it cleaned up before bed. It will take time away from scrolling on my phone before bed. No.

But one little measly bone said yes. Let's try it! What's the worst that can happen, we don't finish the craft and I have to spend an extra 5 minutes cleaning up? Would it be worth it to see his smile? To have this unhindered moment of connection with him, where he isn't fighting for my attention against a screen?


So we went off script. And we did something completely different. And time expanded. We weren't late, I even had time to clean before we left. But most importantly, I crawled out of my comfort zone for a moment of connection. And isn't that the point after all? To experience the beauty of each moment of this short and sweet life? Our souls certainly didn't line up to come down to Earth for routine. They came to experience the magic. Connection. Creativity. Spontaneity. Love. Laughter. Being present.

I want more of that. I desire fulfillment in my day. Not every moment is going to be magical, but if we can find magic in the mundane - maybe that is what it means to live. A balanced lifestyle of routine and spontaneity. Obligation and desire.

2022 is going to shake us all loose of our preconceived notions of who we think we are. Either by choice or by force. This isn't said in a fearful way, this is said with so much love. Our Souls came here to live. And living is what we will do whether we like it or not. Choose to lean into change. Choose to accept different, new. Surrender to all of the possibilities of life. Whether we like it or not, change is the new normal so we may as well become so accustomed to change that it becomes our new comfort zone.

Comfort zone after comfort zone, I choose the magic. I choose myself & I choose to constantly be willing to shed the version of myself that exists in that moment to expand into a newer version of me, with more wisdom and more love than I could have ever imagined before.

I choose life.

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