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The Dragon.

What do you think of when you think of a dragon?

Fire. Anger. Maybe even rage. We unleash the dragon when we feel cornered, when we feel like peace is no longer an option. We roar and everyone listens. And then we resume the peaceful bunny energy and go on with our day. Pretending like we didn't just open fire on everyone in our path. Possibly feelings of resentment, guilt and shame will pop up later, making us want to keep our dragon hidden. Hide that part of ourselves that only shows up when we lose control.

But, what if we didn't hide the dragon? What if we wore the dragon suit like a badge of pride instead? A dragon who isn't in control of it's anger will rage and burn down anything in it's path. A dragon who understands that it's anger is just as beautiful as it's majestic size is a sovereign being.

A few weeks ago, I had a coaching call (with one of the most amazing and wise beings that I have the pleasure to call a friend) and my focus initially was how to tame the dragon. My rage was out of control. Popping up and exploding all over everyone and everything. I was blowing fire all over anyone who looked at me funny. I was so aware of what was going on, but no amount of awareness could reign in my temper.

My wise and amazing friend said to me, "what if you didn't tame the dragon? What if you owned and acknowledged the rage and fire as a part of you? A beautiful, wonderful part of you."

I had never even considered it. I was too busy trying to hide it from the world. If people knew just how angry I can be, they wouldn't love me. They wouldn't want to be my friend, or my client. In reality though, I was hiding a major part of myself. A part that drives me and my passions, that allows me to speak up when I see an injustice occurring. My dragon is not evil. My dragon drives me to be better, to search for more. To go deeper inwards when I'm feeling lost.

By not accepting or welcoming the anger as a part of me, I was ignoring a channel. The anger is a channel for me to direct and call in my passions. There is no shame in being a dragon. A dragon breathes fire but also can see the world from a unique and fantastic view. The dragon is feared because our perception is that they are not in control of their fire. In duality, the dragon is revered for it's strength and majestic beautify. The dragon doesn't bother itself with other's opinions. The dragon doesn't even have to roar, and it commands respect. It's passion is admired. It does not beg or plead for people to flock to them. It roams alone with it's giant wingspan stretching far and wide, bringing people to her because of her magnetic charm and shear size. With wonder and amazement, the people stare in awe at the creative who commands respect with out a single sound.

How are you playing small in your life? Are you hiding the part of you that is your dragon?

Unleash your dragon, change the meaning. Step into your full power and say no to everything that doesn't feel right. Your dragon is within you, ready to guide you towards your passions, your dreams. It's time to step out of that box you've created and own everything about you. The light, the dark, the beauty, the ugly. All of it makes you you. All of it makes you whole.

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